Shelley Jefferson, Owner

“It is a beautiful thing when a career and a passion come together.”

Nicol R. Howard, PhD

Meet the Bridal Wilde wedding planner, coordinator, and designer.

My name is Shelley Jefferson, and I am the heart of Bridal Wilde. I am a wife, mother, grandmother, and a passionate “12” (a fan of the Seattle Seahawks). I am a highly creative person who sews, quilts, crafts, embroiders, knits, and crochets. I have always been inspired by beauty in nature which reflects in my Boho style arrangements. I love working with people, and I can’t wait to help create the wedding of your dreams!

Services Offered

Wedding Planning

Wedding Design

Wedding Coordination

Floral Design

More About Bridal Wilde

My name is Shelley Jefferson and I am the floral designer, planner, and coordinator for Bridal Wilde. I have many years of experience working with brides and grooms to help create the perfect wedding experience.

If I was to try to describe my design style I would have to say that I am more of a Boho style florist. I love the look of full bouquets with lots of movement, texture, and balance countered with wild greenery and fun fillers, and often my signature pearls! When I look at my work I am reminded of my grandmother’s lush flower gardens filled with flowers of varying types, heights, textures, and hues starkly contrasted with different foliage types and colors.

I have a passion for working with brides and grooms to create the wedding of their dreams. Recently I made the decision to use my extraordinary skill set to step into the roles of Wedding Planner and Wedding Coordinator. (The difference is that a planner starts at the beginning of the process to create the wedding, help find the best match vendors and venue, and other services as needed, while a coordinator comes in towards the ceremony day and coordinates everything for and on the day of the wedding.) I have a keen eye for detail, superior people skills, and an incredibly creative mind. I will work tirelessly to make your dream wedding a reality while keeping within the wedding budget.

As part of my partnership with my brides, grooms, and families, I start each wedding experience with a free, no obligation consultation so that I may best serve each unique wedding. I want to get to know each couple so that I can make the best recommendations and design a wedding to perfectly match each couple. Video conferencing is available so that geography isn’t a constraint. I am willing to travel and support each couple at their chosen location.

Along with wedding planning, coordinating, and flower rentals/sales we also have table top rentals of candles and flower arrangements, aisle stands, wedding arches, boutonnieres, corsages, swags, and more. Please contact me for your free consultation!

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